Immediate response to urinary tract infections

Fast acting and effective

Soluro® Akut is designed to quickly relieve the initial acute and unpleasant symptoms of bladder inflammation and urinary tract infections. Administration of large doses of D-mannose and cranberry proanthocyanidins at the same time effectively prevents the attachment of disease-causing bacteria in the bladder and urinary tract and prevents the formation of bacterial colonies (biofilm).

It also helps with bladder spasms by regulating the acidity of the urinary tract and helping to get rid of bacteria in a natural way.

The prevalence of urinary tract infections

A total of 250 million cases of urinary tract infections, including cystitis, occur worldwide each year. 15% of prescription antibiotics are prescribed for their treatment. All over the world, both primary and recurrent cystitis are caused by the same bacterial strains. The intestinal bacterium E. coli is the main cause of cystitis and urinary tract infection, and other microorganisms cause only 10% of infections.

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  • The highest possible dose of D-mannose and PAC blocks any further attachment of cystitis-causing bacteria
  • Disease-causing bacteria cannot attach to the inner wall of the bladder and are removed from the bladder and urinary tract by the flow of urine
  • Thanks to this, all symptoms of cystitis are quickly alleviated
  • L-glycine helps relieve the urge to urinate and, together with methionine and vitamin C, supports the body’s defense against “bad” bacteria


  • Pain and burning during urination
  • Urgent and frequent need to urinate
  • Unpleasant feeling in lower abdomen
  • Feeling generally unwell

The most powerful natural remedy for bladder infections

  • Naturally eliminates bacteria E.coli 
  • Reduces overall intake of antibiotics
  • High bioavailability
  • Disrupts bacteria biofilm formation
  • Normalises urinary pH Inhibits bladder overactivity



Prevents disease-causing bacteria (E. Coli) from attaching to the inner wall of the bladder. Prevents the formation of a biofilm of harmful bacteria. Antibiotic-like properties in getting rid of bacteria without the side effects of antibiotics.

Cranberry Proanthocyanidins (PAC)

Prevent cystitis-causing bacteria from attaching to the inner wall of the bladder. They inhibit the reproduction of bacteria and help break the biofilm of pathogens.

Vitamin C

By normalizing urinary pH levels provides antioxidative effect and helps to disrupt bacteria biofilm formation.


Helps with prophylaxis of relapsing urinary tract infections and normalizes urinary pH level.


Reduces overactivity of the urinary bladder by inhibiting the activity of nerve impulses and thanks to its antioxidant effect.

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Solé Pharma® has a modern manufacturing facility located in Marupe, Latvia. Manufacturing is GMP certified and regulated according to the European Union directives.

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