Enhanced effect of natural substances

Soluro® DUO offers patients reliable and rapid relief of all unpleasant symptoms of cystitis. The unique composition ensures the natural removal of bacteria from the bladder.

Suits you

  • If you want a scientifically proven effect
  • If you are tired of ineffective treatment
  • If you want to stop a long antibiotic treatment
  • If you are worried about the side effects of antibiotics

Much more than a simple cranberry preparation

The effect of Soluro® Duo is much more effective than regular cranberry preparations. Soluro® Duo is the latest complex for bladder infections, based on the recommendation of the European Society of Urologists for the use of natural substances in the prophylaxis of urinary tract infections. Soluro® Duo effectively fights cystitis and reduces unpleasant symptoms.

Why to prefer Soluro® Duo

Contains the most effective ingredients for dealing with urinary tract infections, including cystitis. Fast action with very good tolerability effectively neutralizes bacteria that cause inflammation. Soluro® Duo is helpful for all cystitis patients who are looking for an effective natural remedy.

  • Reliable producer
  • Fast and effective effect
  • Unique composition


The wide variety of cranberries used in the pharmaceutical industry can be confusing. In order to choose a first-class cranberry product, pay attention to the proanthocyanidin content and the cranberry processing technology.

Freeze-drying aka cryodessication

  • First the cranberries are frozen and then by lowering the surrounding pressure, the frozen water is removed from the berries, sublimating directly from the solid phase to the gas phase.
  • In this way, all the useful substances contained in cranberries are preserved unchanged, and their assimilation by the human body (bioavailability) increases up to 100%.

When and how to use Soluro® Duo

When you experience the first symptoms of cystitis, take 1 red capsule and 1 white capsule per day for at least 15 consecutive days. To prevent cystitis (if there is a suspicion that cystitis may occur), you can take 1 white capsule and 1 red capsule per day, for 3 days.



Prevent cystitis
after a course of
Soluro® Akut

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Soluro® Duo

An easy way to beat cystitis at any age

Combined product

Proven effect

Lasting protection

Did you know?

You are not alone! Cystitis is the most common urinary tract infection and can occur even several times a year. With Soluro® DUO, you can successfully overcome the unpleasant symptoms of cystitis and prevent the recurrence of cystitis.



Blocks mannose-sensitive attachment sequences of E. coli bacteria. This prevents the attachment of disease-causing bacteria to the bladder wall, their reproduction and the formation of a bacterial biofilm on the bladder mucosa. Harmful bacteria are carried away from the bladder with the urine stream.


Blocks mannose-resistant attachment sequences of E. coli. This strengthens the positive effect of D-mannose: harmful bacteria cannot attach to the bladder wall and are removed with the urine stream.

Cranberry concentrate

Cranberry concentrate is rich in beneficial antioxidants and immune-supporting substances. Cranberry concentrate normalizes the pH of urine, making it more acidic. This creates a situation where it is difficult for harmful bacteria to attach to the urinary tract and bladder wall and to multiply.

Where to buy?

Manufacturing process

Solé Pharma® has a modern manufacturing facility located in Marupe, Latvia. Manufacturing is GMP certified and regulated according to the European Union directives.

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ISO certified

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