Daily protection against bladder inflammation

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There is no reason to worry. Bladder infection or cystitis is the most common urinary tract infection that can occur several times a year. Now you can effectively prevent, relieve and treat cystitis symptoms and recurrences with Soluro® DUO.

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Safe and effective

Soluro® DUO is an effective natural complex preparation that quickly relieves all symptoms of cystitis. The unique composition prevents pathogenic bacteria from attaching to the inner wall of the bladder and helps to expel them from the bladder naturally.

This is meant just for you

  • If you want a scientifically proven effect
  • If you are tired of ineffective treatment
  • If you want to get rid of long courses of antibiotics
  • If you are concerned about the side effects of antibiotics


  • Effective in all stages of cystitis
  • Eliminates bacteria naturally
  • Prevents the spread of E. Coli bacteria
  • All ingredients are recommended in the treatment guidelines of the European Council of Urologists
  • Does not harm the reproduction of good bacteria (probiotics)
  • The composition helps to enhance the effect of antibiotics*
  • Cranberries are processed by freeze-drying


  • Prevents recurrence of cystitis
  • In the future, the need for antibiotics will be less
  • Does not cause unwanted changes in the gut microbiome
  • The chance of a yeast infection is reduced
  • Makes urine pH more acidic and supports the immune system
  • Noticeable effect from the first day
  • Helps reduce the dose of antibiotic needed*
  • Can be used with antibiotics

Soluro® DUO unique action

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An effective natural remedy against cystitis – regardless of the patient’s age

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Prevents disease-causing bacteria (E. Coli) from attaching to the inner wall of the bladder. Prevents the formation of a biofilm of harmful bacteria. Antibiotic-like properties in elimination of bacteria without the side effects of antibiotics.

Cranberry Proanthocyanidins (PAC)

Prevent cystitis-causing bacteria from attaching to the inner wall of the bladder. They inhibit the reproduction of bacteria and help break the biofilm of pathogens.

Cranberry concentrate

Antioxidant activity. Help to acidity urine and normalizes urinary pH. Contributes to immune system.

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Manufacturing process

Solé Pharma® has a modern manufacturing facility located in Marupe, Latvia. Manufacturing is GMP certified and regulated according to the European Union directives.

GMP certified

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